Projected Capacitive Resistive Touch Displays Optical HMIs Optical Bonding

Data Modul Wares

TFT Displays ePaper Displays MiP Displays Touch Displays Passive Displays Customized Displays OLED

Everel News

Switches ,Selectors, Encoders ,Motors and ventilation units ,Signal lights ,Mechatronic solutions ,Sub-Assemblies ,Automotive switchesש

VENKEL Passive Components

Ceramic Capacitors Ferrite Beads Inductors LEDs Resistors Tantalum Capacitors Thermistors Choke Coils Resistor Arrays Engineering Kits


Optical Windows Optical Mirrors Optical Lenses Optical Filters Optical Prisms Polarization Optics Crystal


CO2 gas sensor CO sensor Combustible sensor Dust sensor H2 sensor Toxic gas sensor MEMS Gas Sensor Air Quality(VOC) sensor Alcohol sensor NH3 gas sensor…

System-On-Chip Modules

   Mars MA3 Mars ZX2 Mars ZX3 Mars XU3 Mercury SA1 Mercury+ SA2 Mercury+ AA1 Mercury ZX1 Mercury+ XU1 Mercury XU5 Mercury+ XU6 Mercury ZX5…

The Embedded Vision Platform

The fastest and easiest way to realize an embedded vision application is to use a System-on-Module. Are you looking for a platform for your next…

The Future of Legacy DRAM

Moore’s Law is dead, and chasing cost reductions is expensive. The future of legacy DRAM has arrived. Semiconductor technology will continue to progress and the…
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