is an independent
Authorized distributor for Electronics
Components & ICs Solutions to the Industrial ,IoT
,Medical and Automotive markets.


About Us

 A Franchised distributor for the Electronic Embedded , IoT ,Military ,Medical and Industrial markets.

Our Franchised solutions are FPGA SoM/SoC ,Cyber Security SoM (standard/OEM/ODM) , Power & Mixed signal ICs , Sensors ,Memories ,Capacitors & Resistors ,Displays, Electro-Mechanic

Our Solutions


Electro- Mechanic / Sensors






ACTIVE \ PASSIVE ICs & Components



 About Us:
We develop and distribute highly-integrated FPGA & SoC modules/System-on-Modules (SOM), evaluation boards, and FPGA-optimized IP Cores

 About Us:
THine Solutions, Inc. (USA , Japan) https://www.thinesolutions.com/

(TSI), headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, is a subsidiary of THine Electronics, Inc., a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.  
Specialized in Imaging and Video Transmission Technologies.
Image Signal Processor (ISP)  
THEIA-CAM™ camera solutions support various Operating Systems
 High-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI as well as valuable AI/IoT-based solution

 About Us:
AIMobile’s collaboration with NVIDIA® represents a big step toward delivering Edge AI in manufacturing, transportation and smart city applications, driving innovative transformations across multiple industries.

 About Us:
RAKwireless is a committed market leader in the globally evolving IoT landscape. We serve both IoT Developer and IoT Deployer with main products from IoT modules , LoRaWAN Gateway to ready to use Node devices. We have over 50 products currently in active production

 About Us:
An industrial embedded systems manufacturer and solutions provider, Portwell as a major worldwide supplier of specialty computing application platforms. Portwell, Inc. is a Titanium member of Intel Partner Alliance, and an executive member of the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG

 About Us:
At Insignis, we’ve taken our 25 years in DRAM design and manufacturing in another direction. We work with OEMs who value stability in supply, price, and process – OEMs who make products sold on quality and reliability instead of designed obsolescence.

 About Us:
is a manufacturer of printed circuit board components, specializing in Surface Mount Components. Products offered include Ceramic Capacitors, Choke Coils, Diodes, Engineering Kits, Ferrite Beads, Inductors, LEDs, Resistors, Resistor Arrays, Tantalum Capacitors and Thermistors.

 About Us:
Winsen owns 15 production lines and over 500 sets of equipment, supplying over 60,000,000pcs sensors and modules to nearly 100 countries and regions worldwide every year. Every 24 hours, 165,000 pcs are delivered from Winsen.


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